Love Bridge including 6 tips

Possibility number two, the annoying lack of visitors to escape, is the love bridge, also called mattress wedge or double bed bridge. Behind these names hides a T-shaped foam wedge with a flat top. This closes the gap and connects the mattresses with each other so that only a bed sheet is needed. As the bridge at the back merges into a wedge, it can fill the gap along the entire mattress.

  • The bridge should help and not become a new problem in the form of a barrier. It depends on the optimal thickness, the double bridge should be neither too short nor too hard or soft. A guideline recommends a thickness of about 2 cm; the resulting slight elevation is compensated by the elasticity of the bridge.
  • Also, the depth of the wedge portion is to be considered, so that not curl up but is firmly anchored.
  • Of course, should be in the decision for a love bridge, as well as the mattresses, attention to health. It should be skin-friendly, so checked for harmful substances and also keep long.
  • A sufficient width is important, the bridge may not go down again as soon as it is loaded.
  • Finally, there must be a continuous fitted sheet, so the double bridge remains where it belongs and does not bother.
  • In addition, you can put between sheets and love bridge also a mattress cover for double beds, the tiny bumps disappear easily.

An individually adjustable and changeable mattress

There are mattresses that are individually adjustable like a tailored suit. This mattress is adjustable for over 60% of people. The interior consists of different cold foam blocks, each with 5 available strengths. So you can use a large double mattress, in the inner life of right and left are different configurations. Buy mattress for back pain now.

Two single mattresses, but what about the slatted frame?

Here can be a solution for the double bed to avoid the lack of visitors. Thanks to very individually adjustable slatted frames, a mattress that is not perfectly matched to the body can still be the optimal sleeping pad.