What is box spring?

As a box spring is called the base of each box spring bed, which traditionally consists of solid wood or metal frame with integrated suspension. Mostly, this suspension consists of Bonell springs, but can also be processed here already different layers, for example, with pocket spring cores.

Construction of box spring beds

On the box spring lies a mattress – usually one goes out here with box springs from a spring mattress and often such a bed is also referred to as a “combination of two spring mattresses”. However, cold foam, visco or latex mattresses are equally applicable here – and even have advantages over the construction of spring mattresses due to their often better-lying properties.

A brief history of box spring beds

The idea behind the box spring beds was original to increase the mattress’s reclining height for hygienic reasons (that was in the 19th century when the mattresses were still lying on the floor).

Meanwhile, box spring beds have become true luxury items, which are found mainly in good hotels and on cruise liners.You will see tempurpedic reviews from our website.

Where is the slatted frame?

As you may have noticed, you are looking for slatted frames with these beds in vain. Although this reduces the point elasticity a bit, but also the “continental variant” without slatted base actually has many advantages, more about it below.

Advantages of box spring beds

Due to the multi-layered construction of mattresses and possibly toppers, the “American beds” have very good lying properties. They support very well and evenly over the entire lying surface and are as well suited for people with high weight as for lightweights. In addition, the multi-part structure makes it possible to adopt such a bed very precisely to the individual wishes and needs – of course, we will gladly assist you in choosing the right box spring, mattress, and topper for you.

The fact that the mattress is spared on the one hand from below through the box spring and usually from the top by a topper, extends the life of the mattress significantly. A topper alone increases the durability of the mattress by about 2 years. Such a topper is traditionally made of natural materials such as new wool, whereas our beds are made of modern variants made of cold foam or visco from our own production.